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Landline Telemarketing

I write with reference to the outstanding service provided by Emma Robinson and her team.

Emma and I met last summer, which was perfect timing. Landline telemarketing had been established for 3.5 years, in all that time I had “managed to look after my own books” but like us all was finding that the time I had to spend on them each month was growing as fast as my business. Therefore I had a feeling of “drowning in my own paper work”. The thought of producing my invoices etc was no longer a pleasure, I just saw it as time consuming.

Mensarius offer a very professional approach to all my business accounting needs, Emma and I meet when necessary, she takes away all my paper work and sorts and replies where necessary, they produce all my invoicing on time, and also look after my credit control. Emma works out all VAT and tax liabilities and informs me when and what payments are due. I find her extensive knowledge most useful, and trust that she will work with/for me rather than the Inland Revenue, as I have come across with my experience of some accountants in the past.

I find their services extremely cost effective, giving me back time to run my business and would highly recommend them to your company.

I am happy to talk to you if necessary

Penny Moore
Landline Telemarketing

0788 095 2381

Central Communication Products Ltd

When Emma from Mensarius came to work for me 6 years ago we had no accounts systems in place. She set up all the systems, and started to run the accounts with amazing efficiency.  Its great to know everything is under control, and I can ask anything I need to know.  It allows me the confidence to go and run my business with out all the hassle.    When Mensarius took over, there was no change, in fact if anything there was an increased level of efficiency. They will continue to look after CCP's accounts for as long as they want to, and I wish them all the best in their new venture.

Kevin Spencer. MD

Cranuim Ltd

I am a small hair dressing salon in Leamington Spa, and I first met Emma of Mensarius through my head stylist.   She offered to take over all the day to day running of the accounts and wages, and has done an outstanding job.  It has left me free to concentrate on the Salon without worrying about if the wages are right, or if the Vat's due, or any other of the bits and pieces that fall due.  I wouldn't like to go back to having to deal with it all again.

Dwayne Eddy  MD   

Mr Sparx Ltd

When I first set up the company, my partner and I thought we could manage the accounts between us! After about six months we realized we were completely out of our depth, and called on Mensarius services.  They completely took over the office and got us into shape.  Mensarius is now the main stay of the company, everyone knows to go through them first - so there is no lack of communication.  The guys get paid on time, invoices are sent and chased, the bills are all sorted, the bank is  right, and more importantly the Accountants at the end of the year are happy.  They have less work to do, which in turn costs me less.  The most convenient part of all is that I pay a monthly fee, but I have contact with my office 5 days a week - for less than I could pay someone to work for full time.  Yet again it saves me money.  This business could not  run properly without  them.

Robert Gibbs MD

Castle Brothers Builders LLP

Mensarius has done my Vat for about 5 years now, including helping us through a Vat inspection.  In the recent months they have taken over the purchase and sales ledger functions and it has decreased my work load considerably. I check all the invoices and then just pass them on, at the end of the month the cheques arrive for me to sign and send out when I'm ready.  The bank account is accurate, and I have all the information I need available at the end of a phone.

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